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Welcome to Car Parking at Copenhagen Airport

Here you will find the parking product that suits you purpose, either if it's for the holiday, a citybreak or a businesstrip, in few easy steps. 

In addition to parking we offer admission to our lounge, car clean or even a full service check of your car - please choose Extra Services.

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Parking Online Security

Secure E-commerce

Thawte is used by CPH Parkering A/S to ensure a secure and safe handling of the customer's information. Thawte secures that data sent to and from the homepage is encrypted. For further information on thawte see

Personal data

The information provided by the customer is handled in compliance with the current legislation on protection of personal data.

When booking a parking space with CPH Parkering A/S the customer shall provide information on name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The information is used internally in CPH Parkering A/S' logistics system for order handling.

The above information is required to complete a booking with Københavns Lufthavn A/S. However, the customer is at any time capable of interrupting the booking process if the customer does not wish to provide the required information.

The above information is exclusively for the purpose of CPH Parkering A/S' order handling and will not be passed on to any third party.

The customer is at any time entitled to become insight into the gathered information and to object to the recording of the information.

Inquiries regarding the gathered personal data can be addressed to


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)



-      Yes, it’s safe. CPH Parking partners with a recognized supplier – Norton by Symentec – about transaction security. For more info, please see



-      Your Credit Card acting both as the mean of payment as well as entrance ticket to the car park booked. Hence it is important that you use the same card to access the car park as the one you used when you made your reservation.

-      If you lose your Credit Card after making your reservation, we can use your name and address to find your reservation.



-      No, you can only reserve an unspecified space in a specific car park. When you enter the car park, you have your pick of the empty spots.

-      CPH Parking guarantees that there will be a parking space available for you when you book parking online.



-      Yes. Immediately after your reservation goes through, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. We recommend you print it and bring along to the airport, because it contains all the information you may need later.



-      You can arrive up to six hours before and six hours after the time you specified as the starting time of your reservation. In other words, if you reserved a space from 12 noon, you can enter the specific car park booked at any time between 6 AM and 6 PM.

-      If you start the booking before the estimated time of arrival the estimated time of exit is equally reduced.
The use of the parking space is calculated from the time where you actually begin the parking (and not from the agreed start time) and until you exit the car park. If you have booked a parking space for three days (72 hours) and begin the parking on day 1 at 9 AM, then your paid booking period expires on day 4 at 9 AM even if the booking was agreed to 12 PM.



-      If you need to park for a longer period than you made your reservation for, we will simply charge you for the extra time when you leave the car park.

-      When paying for overstay, after the Credit Card has been registered in the right slot, the Credit Card then needs to be inserted in the left slot.



-      If you have problems with your booking, you can always call us on +45 32 52 83 00. We are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

-      If you have any problems on your arrival or departure from the car park, you can ring the number above or use the intercom at the gate to call for help.



-      Yes, your booking is changeable

-      To change your booking use the function “ÆNDRE RESERVATION” (Danish for change booking) on the front page of

-      CPH will charge/refund any difference due to changes in the booking

-      If you change your booking, there is no guarantee for availability in the car park you wish to use



-      Yes, your booking can be canceled, though:

-      Cancelling within 14 days from the reservation is made = total refund

-      Cancelling after 14 days from the reservation is made = no refund

-      If you fail to turn up without cancelling your reservation = no refund

-      To cancel your booking use the function “ÆNDRE RESERVATION” (Danish for change booking) on the front page of  

-      To cancel a booking less than 6 Hours prior to arrival, please call the CPH Parking office at +45 32 52 83 00.



-      This has no consequence for you. You can enter the car park anyway since you have a valid online reservation. The red sign across the car park only affects the customers with no reservation.



-      Yes, but only if the reservations are not meant for the same period of time.

-      If you need to pre-book for more than one car in the same period of time, you will have to use different Credit Cards for each booking. 





1.1.    When parking is booked on, an agreement is concluded between the customer and CPH Parkering A/S (“CPH Parkering”), c/o Kontorhus 3, Lufthavnen 3, Copenhagen Airport, DK-2770 Kastrup, Denmark (CVR no. 21 64 63 18).

1.2.    Once a reservation is confirmed according to the relevant procedure, cf. section 3 and 4 below, CPH Parkering is committed to providing parking at Copenhagen Airport to the customer at the time requested by the customer and in the multi-storey car park requested by the customer. The parking space in the booked multi-storey car park is unspecified.

1.3.    CPH Parking can be contacted at the above address; on phone no. +45 32 52 83 00; fax no. +45 32 51 78 79 or at the e-mail address CPH Parking’s website is


2.       BOOKING


2.1.    Parking spaces can be booked online at CPH Parking’s booking site, Only one parking space can be booked at a time.

2.2.    When making the booking, the customer must specify the desired multi-storey car park, price level and duration of parking.

2.3.    Parking spaces must be booked no later than at 6 hours prior the parking space is required.

2.4.    Parking spaces can only be booked online for up to 14 weeks at a time.

2.5.    If the booked period is shorter than 14 weeks, it may be extended up to 14 weeks via

2.6.    Extension of the booked period pursuant to section 2.4 and 2.5 can only be made if parking spaces are available for the entire duration of the desired period of extension.

2.7.    When booking and payment have been completed, this is confirmed by a printable on-screen receipt showing booking number and receipt of payment. A booking receipt is also sent to the customer’s e-mail address. CPH Parkering keeps this information on file, but customers are recommended to print the receipt or save the receipt sent to them by e-mail. If at any time the customer should so require, a copy of the receipt can be obtained by contacting customer service.

2.8.    Booking is binding, and a final agreement exists between the parties once the customer has received the confirmation, see, however, section 6 on cancellation.

2.9.    When online reservation at P15 or P17 is booked online the booked period must be a period of at least 3 continuous days. However, it is possible only to park from Saturday to Sunday at P17.


3.       PAYMENT


3.1.    Parking at Copenhagen Airport is subject to a parking fee, the amount of which depends on the multi-storey car park chosen and the number of days the parking space is booked.

3.2.    The parking fee is paid immediately when the customer makes the booking, cf. section 2.7.

3.3.    In connection with online booking, the parking fee can be paid by Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, Eurocard, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express.

3.4.    When paying by credit card, customers are required to enter card number, expiry date and security code.

3.5.    CPH Parkering keeps the credit card information on file from the time of booking until parking at Copenhagen Airport has ended. The credit card information is then deleted from CPH Parking’s system.

3.6.    If the car is picked up before the period booked has expired, the customer will not receive a refund for the period during which the parking space has not been used.

3.7.    If, for whatever reason, the customer fails to pick up the car, a parking fee will be charged in accordance with the applicable rates for the multi-storey car park in question until the car has been picked up. Any difference in the parking fee resulting from the customer’s failure to pick up the car in due time will be charged when the customer exits the multi-storey car park.

3.8.    If the customer fails to appear at any time during the entire period booked, the customer will not be entitled to a refund of the parking fee paid.


4.       DELIVERY

4.1.    The service – parking at Copenhagen Airport – is performed by the customer appearing at the multi-storey car park. In order to access the multi-storey car park in which the parking space reserved by the customer is located, the customer must use the same credit card that was used when the online booking was made. If the customer has forgotten this credit card, CPH Parkering can be contacted from the tollbooth at the entrance.

4.2.    The customer’s use of the parking space is from the actual time the customer enters the multi-storey car park (rather than from the agreed time of delivery) until the customer exits the multi-storey car park. If the customer has booked a parking space for three days (72 hours) and enters the multi-storey car park at 9:00 a.m. on day one, the period booked by customer will end on day four at 9:00 a.m. even though the booking was made until 12:00 noon, for instance.


5.       Valet parking – ”We Park – You Fly”


5.1.    If, when booking parking at, the customer has selected the “We Park, You Fly” service, this section also applies.

5.2.    The option of selecting the “We Park, You Fly” service is only available to customers booking parking with planned arrival from 6 – 10 am Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

5.3.    Upon arrival at Copenhagen Airport, the customer drops off his or her car and car keys to the CPH employee at car park P6. To gain access to the car park, the customer must use the credit card used to make the online booking. Signs in the car park show the customer the way to the drop-off point, where the car and car keys are handed over to the CPH employee.  After drop-off, the car is transported from the car park by the CPH employee to another fenced parking area, where it is parked and monitored while the customer is away.

5.4.    Upon the customer’s return, the car keys are picked up from CPH Parkering, which has an office in the arcade between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The keys are released to the customer on presentation of photo identification in the form of either a passport or driving licence. When collecting the keys, the customer will be informed whether the car is to be picked up in car park P6, P7 or P8. To exit the car park, the customer must use the credit card used to make the online booking.

5.5.    Customers arriving earlier or later than the time of arrival stated in the booking will still be able to enter car park P6 by using the credit card used to make the online booking. Signs in the car park show the way to a marked parking area where the customer should park. The keys should then be handed in at CPH Parkering.

5.6.    Customers arriving earlier than the time of departure stated in the booking must notify CPH no later than 2 hours before the expected time of departure on tel. +45 3252 8300, so that the car is ready for pick-up on their arrival. If CPH has not been notified of the new time of departure and/or the customer arrives earlier than 2 hours before the scheduled arrival, the customer may be required to wait to pick up the car.

5.7.    Customers arriving later than scheduled should report to CPH Parking to find out where to pick up their car. If the customer has not informed CPH of the later return, he or she may be required to wait to pick up the car. Any difference in the parking fee payable as a result of the late pick-up of the car must be paid when the customer exits the car park. Current parking rates will apply.

5.8.    If the parking period is shortened for any reason, including flight cancellations, CPH is not required to repay any difference in relation to the parking fee paid for the period booked.

5.9.    CPH assumes no liability for accidents, theft, personal injury, damage to vehicles, equipment and effects in the car while the car is parked.

5.10. CPH is liable for loss or damage to the car keys while in CPH’s possession, and damage to the car during transportation by CPH to/from the parking area where the car is parked. If the damage occurs while the vehicle is parked in the fenced parking area, please refer to the general liability provisions under section 11.2.


6.       PRICE


6.1.    The stated price is in Danish kroner (DKK) including VAT.

6.2.    CPH Parking makes reservations as to price errors, price changes and update errors.




7.1.    When booking a parking space, the customer has a right, under the Danish Consumer Agreements Act, to cancel within 14 days from the time of booking. 

7.2.    To cancel a booking click “ÆNDRE RESERVATION" at the frontpage of If the cancellation is with 14 days from the time of booking, the total amount paid will subsequently be transferred automatically to the credit card used to make the booking. 

7.3.    To cancel a booking later than 6 Hours prior to arrival, please call +45 3252 8300.

7.4.    Besides the possibility of cancel a booking, see 7.1-7.3, CPH offers the option to change a booking, in up to 6 hours before booked time of arrival, in case of entry date/entry time, exit date/exit time, product and car park. CPH will refund/charge the customer any difference from the original booking.


8.       DELAY


8.1.    The time of delivery, i.e. the time when customer has access to the parking space, cf. section 4, appears from the printable receipt which is shown on the screen on completion of booking and payment and on the receipt sent to the customer by e-mail on completion of booking and payment.

8.2.    The customer is required to start using the parking space no later than 6 hours after the agreed time of delivery. For technical reasons the customer is obligated to arrive within the same day.

8.3.    CPH Parkering is required to make the booked parking space available to the customer at least 3 hours before the agreed time of delivery, provided that arrival takes place within the same day.

8.4.    If the customer arrives outside the times specified in section 8.2 and 8.3, CPH Parking is not required to make the booked parking space available to the customer. If the customer arrives after the time specified in clause 8.2, the customer is, however, during the period booked entitled to another parking space equivalent to or better than the one booked.




9.1.    Any complaint must be addressed directly to CPH Parking.

9.2.    Complaints about defects in the service provided should be made immediately when the customer has discovered or should have discovered the defect.




10.1. CPH Parkering undertakes to make parking available to the customer at Copenhagen Airport at the time booked by the customer. The parking will take place at the multi-storey car park requested by the customer from the time requested by the customer. The parking space in the requested multi-storey car park is unspecified. It is specified that assignment of another parking space in a multi-storey car park of a similar or more expensive price category will not be considered breach of contract.

10.2. If CPH Parking fails to assign another parking space, cf. section 10.1, the customer is entitled to claim remedies for breach of contract, including demanding that the parking fee to be refunded.

10.3. Any liability in damages on CPH Parking’s part for defects in the service provided does not include indirect losses of any kind, cf. section 11 below.

10.4. CPH Parking reserves the right to use wheel clamping and charge a fee of DKK 500,000 if the customer ignores regulations, signage, etc. and the customer’s parking is a nuisance to others, including, but not limited to, other parkers, car rental companies, etc.




11.1. The following liability provisions do not apply to the extent that mandatory rules of Danish law provide otherwise.

11.2. CPH Parkering assumes no liability for any accidents, theft, personal injury, damage to cars, equipment or effects in the car. Nor can CPH Parkering be held liable for any indirect losses or consequential damages.




12.1. If delivery of the service is delayed or rendered impossible due to unforeseen circumstances over which CPH Parkering has no control including, but not limited to, war, mobilisation, acts of terrorism (including threats of terrorism), fire, strikes, boycotts, picketing or lockouts (including among the staff of CPH Parkering or other staff at Copenhagen Airport), closure of the airport or of the airport’s baggage handling facilities and/or natural disasters. The time of delivery is postponed by a corresponding number of calendar days.

12.2. In case of force majeure CPH Parkering has no liability what so ever.




13.1. To ensure safe and secure processing of customer data, CPH uses Norton by Symantec. Norton ensures that data sent to and from the website is encrypted. For more information about Norton, go to




14.1. Data provided by the customer is treated in accordance with the statutory rules on data protection in force from time to time.

14.2. In connection with booking of and payment for parking spaces with CPH Parkering, the customer must disclose his/her name, credit card data, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Such information is used internally in CPH Parking’s logistical system in order to process the payment.

14.3. The data is required in order to complete a booking with CPH Parkering, but customers can at any time abort the booking if they do not wish to provide the information required.

14.4. The data received will not be used for any purpose other than order processing and will not be passed on to third parties. Credit card data will, however, be passed on to Nets Denmark A/S for the purpose of processing the payment.

14.5. Customers are always entitled to access information obtained about them and are entitled to have inaccurate or misleading information corrected or deleted. Finally, customers are entitled to object to the registration of data.

14.6. When you visit, data – so-called cookies – about your visit to the website is saved. This data provides CPH Parkering with information about the number of visits to the websites and which part of the website is most frequently visited. This makes it possible for CPH Parkering to provide you with more specific and relevant information.

14.7. If you wish to delete the data saved on the website, please follow the instructions below. Deleting cookie: In Internet Explorer, cookies are deleted under “Tools” – “Internet options” – “Delete cookies”. You can contact CPH Parkering at any time for information about the personal data kept on file. You are entitled to object in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Data Protection Act. If data about you is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or irrelevant, you are entitled to have such data corrected or deleted.

14.8. Please direct any questions about personal data collected to CPH Parking, see clause 1.3.




15.1. Any disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions of sale and delivery must be settled in accordance with Danish law.

15.2. In case of disagreements that cannot be settled amicably, any dispute must be brought before the Copenhagen City Court in the first instance, if the parties can agree upon the Copenhagen City Court as the proper venue




16.1. These terms and conditions dated February 5, 2014 replace all previous versions of CPH Parking’s “Terms and conditions of sale and delivery of parking at Copenhagen Airport”.

16.2. CPH Parking may at any time revise the above terms and conditions of sale and delivery of parking at Copenhagen Airport by updating this site. Anyone gaining access to or visiting this website when booking parking at Copenhagen Airport is considered to accept the above terms and conditions of sale and delivery of parking at Copenhagen Airport. Thus, it is recommended that you on a regular basis read the terms and conditions of sale and delivery of parking at Copenhagen Airport in force from time to time.